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Hellbourne Choppers are Australia's only Chopper Bicycle specialists.

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Australia's first chopper bicycle store, Hellbourne Choppers, raises fist to history

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Saturday 26 July, 2008: As part of our ongoing obsession with bringing you the hottest tech for your ride, Hellbourne has opened up a new division- CHROME! Utilizing the very latest in spray chrome technology, we apply a mist of real silver metal between basecoat and topcoat, making whatever you're giving us reflect like a mirror, at a fraction of the cost of electroplating. The best part is, the topcoat can be tinted to any colour you want, making your paint FX really bang- in sunlight or without it. Check some gallery examples of our process here!

Wednesday 9'th January , 2008: We're welcoming in the new year with the much anticipated arrival of our 200cc motorcycles, Pro Street and ready to rock...even if you only run an 'L' Plate! Check them here!

Friday 9'th November, 2007: As if adding over 80 bikes to the books this week isn't enough, Hellbourne is bringing you 8 Chopper kits as well! Build your own chopper from the ground up, with everything you need to create that badass treadly you want so bad! Check 'em here.

Thursday 8'th November, 2007: Ever since Hellbourne opened, we've dreamed about getting Schwinn bikes in...and it has finally happened! If you don't know about these guys, the skinny is they invented the lowrider in 1963, known as the "Sting Ray', and the bicycle chopper in 1968, known as the 'krate'. They have been going strong for 112 years now, and we have all the tastiest goodies they have to offer- not only CRUISERS and TANDEMS, but ROAD, MOUNTIN BIKE, and HYBRIDS as well! Check the fun stuff here, and the serious stuff here.

Wednesday 10'th October, 2007: Check out a sneak preview of some of the insane rides we're bringing you in 2008!!! Get in fast with your pre-orders, there is no way you'll want to miss out on these sweet bikes!

Sunday 11'th March, 2007: OH MY GOD!!! HELLBOURNE KUSTOM SHOP IS OPEN FOR BIZNESS!!! All the heaviest spec from the Hellbourne Weapons Division is now available for you to own, with four new production bikes in the works, plus whatever you want us to create for you!... click here.

Monday 26'th Febuary, 2007: Guess who's coming in for a late lunch? Vinnie and Mikey from AMERICAN CHOPPER - THE SERIES, that's who! Yup, my hero Mikey is gonna roll in with master genius Vincenzo this Thursday March 1'st, to see what all the fuss is about. And to celebrate, we've wrangled over a million dollars worth of custom chopper motorcycles from our friends at Ultimate Choppers, Prozac Choppers, and Tribal Choppers! Come witness the fitness of all this, plus Kustom bicycles from G Kustom Kuhl, and of course, the Hellbourne Kustom Shop. We've got a heavy pantload of new stufff to get jealous about, and if you stick around, you might wind up in The Age, The Herald Sun, 9 News, Sports Tonight on 10, or American Chopper on The Discovery Channel. Feel free to fall in love with our hot new receptionist Sonia also...Don't say I never do nuthin fo ya, punks! Best - knifey.

Monday 29'th January, 2007: Calling all Gangstaz! Just in and ready to EXPLODE, Hellbourne Choppers Weapons Division is super pleased to bring you genuine Winchester brand bullet casing valve caps in .357 Magnum, .38 Special, .9mm, .223, .308 Win, 12 Gauge, or .410...$10 a pair. Read more

Friday 22'nd December, 2006: Totally new, insanely hot, check out the new springer triple trees and billet wheels we're running from G Kustom Kuhl and Choppers U.S.

Tuesday 21'st November, 2006: I have finally got my head around the basics of Dreamweaver, so updates are at last forthcoming! Expect accessories to be listen soon...Check out all the new stuff we've just scored from Micargi! These rides are fun and CHEAP, so grab one before it's too late! Choppers, Cruisers, and kids bikes, all in the lineup.


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We now stock Deuce Spinner Wheels

Deuce Diamondz dubs spinner wheels

Be the first in your 'hood to rock a set of Deuce dubz...

THE only patented spinner bicycle wheel in the world. 20" triple chromed finish aluminium wheel. Sealed bearings/CNC machined hub. Exceeds safety and durability testing. Spins long after the bike stops. Available in Deuce Diamondz (above) and Deuce X-treme (below).

Only $520 per pair (includes GST).

Email us your order now!
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